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1. What is DBG All Access?

All Access is an all-in-one membership that grants you exciting membership rewards in ALL of the following DBG games for one low price!

2. How does the new All Access program differ from the old one?

As of April 29, 2014 the price for DBG All Access has been reduced from $19.99 to $14.99 and replaces existing DBG game memberships.

You will be able to log in to claim a monthly reward of 500 SC (one reward per account), and will receive 10% off unlimited Marketplace purchases. Some exclusions will apply, including Station Cash top-ups, Krono and membership purchases, and the 10% discount only applies to items purchasable with Station Cash or real world currency. DBG All Access members will also be eligible for exclusive promotions and offers.

3. Can European players still purchase an All Access plan from DBG?

European customers are not able to purchase new DBG All Access subscriptions, as of March 29, 2012. European customers who held existing All Access accounts in good standing at that time will be able to continue playing the games participating in All Access.

4. Does the All Access Membership include the games themselves?

All Access is an all-in-one plan that grants players game membership for participating DBG games. For some games, additional content is also available for purchase.

5. How much does DBG All Access Cost?

The recurring fee for DBG All Access varies depending upon which plan you choose: 1 month recurring, 3 month recurring, 6 month recurring or 12 month recurring. Applicable taxes also apply.

For DBG All Access options and prices, visit

The DBG All Access Membership fees recur, which means that DBG will charge your credit card (or enacts a bank transfer or direct debit if you have chosen such payment option from certain countries or territories) each period – 1, 3, 6, or 12 months – as applicable, unless and until you cancel.

Please note DBG may change the DBG All Access game fees at any time at its sole discretion.

6. How can I pay for DBG All Access?

In the US, you can pay with a valid credit card. In certain territories and countries, you can pay with a valid credit card, bank transfer, or direct debit. When you purchase an All Access Membership, you will see payment options that are available to you.

All Access Membership can also be purchased with an DBG game card (certain game cards grant one month membership) or with Krono. Game cards can be purchased at many retailers, and Krono is available in EverQuest and EverQuest II. Membership purchased with Krono or Game cards do not recur and members must add time monthly to avoid lapses in membership status.

7. What if I want to cancel All Access?

You can cancel your All Access Membership at any time, no questions asked. It is important to us that you are very happy with your DBG experience and we hope you will come back, but should you need to cancel your All Access, you can always visit, login to your Account, select Account Info and click 'Cancel'. If you do this, your All Access Membership will be cancelled at the end of the period in which you cancel, but no money will be refunded to you.

8. Does this program apply to recurring memberships only?

Both recurring and non-recurring memberships qualify so that all All Access members can benefit equally. Recurring members receive further discounts on 3, 6 and 12 month purchases.

9. How do I get my 500 SC monthly membership reward?

To secure your 500 SC monthly reward, you will need to log into any participating All Access DBG game to claim your monthly reward from the in-game Marketplace. Once you claim it, the SC will be added to your wallet balance. Please note you will need to do this every month to claim your monthly 500 SC membership rewards.

10. Why are you making us log in monthly to claim our reward?

We recognize that this is an added step for you, but we’re working hard to make it really easy. We want to encourage players to log in more, play our games more, and spend the SC that they’ve been granted!

11. How will I know when my 500 SC reward is available or if I claimed it already?

Each game will have a UI feature on the Marketplace screen to inform you when your next 500 SC reward is available or what date your current 500 SC reward will expire. Additionally, we are redesigning the Account Management pages on to better surface your account billing cycle information to you.

12. If I miss a month, can I still claim my SC reward?

Players will need to log in every month to claim their rewards from the Marketplace. For example, if you claim your 500 SC in month 1, but don’t log in to claim it in month 2, you will only have 500 SC to claim in month 3, because the second month’s option to claim will have expired.

13. Can I save up the Station Cash or do I have to spend it each month?

You are free to spend your Station Cash immediately or you can save it up over time for major purchases!

14. What if I buy 3, 6 or 12 months of membership or consume multiple Krono or pre-paid membership cards at one time – will I receive all my SC rewards at once upon activation?

You will be able to log in right away to claim your first month’s SC reward, and then log in each subsequent month for additional reward. The SC benefits will not be granted all at one time.

15. What is NOT included in DBG All Access?

For some games, additional content is also available for purchase. All Access does not include certain services, such as character name changes or server transfers. Additionally, you must provide and pay for your own Internet access and all required hardware.

16. Does All Access cover multiple Station accounts?

No. Each All Access Membership may only apply to a single Station account and you must sign up for an All Access Membership for each Station Account separately.

17. Can I transfer my Membership?

No. DBG accounts are non-transferable.

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