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@DaybreakGames I'm trying to contact customer support because I can't make an account, but you need to have an account to contact CService

@DaybreakGames Can you please take away 2000 SC from my account and give GylleBMF the gold Sva-88? It would be greatly appreciated!

@DaybreakGames if I wanted to support your game via beta key giveaway on my @godsofmayhem site, who would I contact to request?

@DaybreakGames Daybreaker, why is your support team ignoring me or others with problem that last 35 days and counting without help or reply?

@RoarAshley @DaybreakGames @planetside2 EU or US servers? ;)

@TeabagJohn @DaybreakGames @planetside2 I think we must be playing different games mate. 😉

@RoarAshley @DaybreakGames @planetside2 I find it pretty boring with almost no players and terrible performance.

@RoarAshley @DaybreakGames @planetside2 they got so much right with ps2 i just hope ttherss some more conte t or an expansion this year

@CircusStyle @DaybreakGames Thanks so much! It's all fun, part of me wishes H1z1 was reality sometimes! *Runs away, and hides* ;)

@RoarAshley @DaybreakGames @planetside2 hope u can beta test h1z1 on the play station, love your twitch streams ashley