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@DaybreakGames parody logo, using @KerbalSpaceP

Can you stream Planetside 2 PS4 Beta footage? @DaybreakGames #planetside2 #planetside #ps4

@DaybreakGames Hello, I sent the email to that email as you said. I have not heard back yet. My class starts on Wednesday. Thanks.

RT @Gameiversary: Today marks the 16th anniversary of EverQuest! #EverQuest @DaybreakGames

@DaybreakGames @DaybreakHelp I've been having issues with a problem I have im so used to calling it's not even funny the support line was #1

@DaybreakGames not having phone support is really not as helpful as it used to be for soe . Most people called because it was tons better :(

@DaybreakGames is @H1Z1game coming to xbox one? Please say it is I can't see why it can't be. Its gonna be on ps4

@DaybreakGames Its bad when bugs make you ragequit. I love being spawned in the middle of nowhere.

@Ashlanne @DaybreakGames I wonder, could I email a set of videos from a series to #playerdirect Just curious I think you'd like it ^.^

@DaybreakGames whats the deal with ps3 crashes cant even play