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RT @DaybreakGames: Only 8 days remain on the player-created, player-run @ProjectFanFaire Kickstarter. Get your passes for #Vegas now! http:…

@DaybreakGames @planetside2 It would be awesome if you guys made a modern day military game, of the same scale as Planetside 2.......please?

@tloch14 @H1Z1game conspiracy! @DaybreakGames probably set this up to hype the big bee box update lol

@DaybreakGames Permafrost server on EQ2 is down! please fix

Working at @DaybreakGames: where it takes 10 minutes before you even notice an artist has spent the entire meeting wielding a plastic sword.

@WrelPlays Hows #H1Z1? I'm waiting for the ps4 version. @DaybreakGames is focusing on the ps4 ps2 beta right now.

@DaybreakGames @j_smedley I'm going to try planetside 2.

@DaybreakGames plz can you give evedence for my ban or a phone number that i can contact you on

RT @SDSU_Business: @DaybreakGames has an opening for a global brand manager.

@SDSU_Business @DaybreakGames global brand management position huh? how about @DaveGeorgeson oh wait.....