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@DaybreakGames I took part in the first closed beta of your epic game. Could u send me the key to the second beta, please? (ps4)

@planetside2 @DaybreakGames Darn it. I didn't get in v.v

@sinePyeknoM @DaybreakGames LOL we dont have a time frame on providing evidence and the innocent players we ban. So you can sit and wait.

.@DaybreakGames .@FerrywJordan Daybreak doesnt know how to run the ones they have going now nevertheless more. They want EQ gone it seems.

Aviatrix Chronicle is out! Stories via @DaybreakGames @laviniawhateley @MMORPGcom

@j_smedley @BBurnessPS2 @planetside2 @DaybreakGames Can we please fix the directive rewards? NC auraxium armour and weapons look purple!!!

@planetside2 @DaybreakGames still waiting for my new code in the US. I thought you said we would get a new one if we played the first beta.

@DaybreakGames Hello any new for those who are playing DC @DCUO from pc for the servers?When they will be up?

RT @DaybreakGames: Want to present at @ProjectFanFaire? Submissions are being accepted for panel at this fan-created/fan-run event: http://…

@DaybreakGames hi, am I permitted to make a 3d model of a character on a trading card from Norrath series for educational purposes? ty