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“@SKYE2117: @drockalexander Damn you @SWGEmu ! You believed it because Daybreak should do this” @DaybreakGames yes they should ;)

RT @DaybreakGames: We've got an album full of fan-submitted #DaybreakGames logos up on Facebook! Have you sent your version in yet? http://…

@DaybreakGames Hi :) have you heard any problems on ps4 version for The bêta closed of PlanetSide2? The game often closed with an error.. :(

RT @raqmarcelo: Need a summer PR internship? Work for @DaybreakGames

@DaybreakGames Props on the new Advanced Loot system in EverQuest. I haven't been playing very long, but I like it a lot!

@DaybreakGames @PlanetSide2 Reported this guy for TKing from friendly AMS, also recorded a video for evidence:

@DaybreakGames @Anethual I know they locked the PS2 the servers around 1 am cst last night

RT @Pyrofoxable: @akamikeb @DaybreakGames Pretty sure someone at everywhere is a ScarJo fan.

@Pyrofoxable @akamikeb @DaybreakGames Accurate statement.

@akamikeb @DaybreakGames Pretty sure someone at everywhere is a ScarJo fan.