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@DaybreakGames why is planetside2 Connery server unavailable

@GinaLockhart @Anethual @DaybreakGames hopefully :P that was annoyinf

@TRG_Bman00003 @Anethual @DaybreakGames Hopefully to get rid of the weird laggish feeling.

@Anethual @DaybreakGames if its a joke imma be pissed off, i had a farm going on it was awesome

RT @Anethual: @DaybreakGames What is this maintenance?

@DaybreakGames What is this maintenance?

RT @pentapod: "Did you summon Catwoman?" "No, she was just here." #overheardintheoffice (At least when your office is @DaybreakGames!)

RT @Kremchek21: FINALLY WON A BR!!! @H1Z1game !! KREMCHEK IS NOW A CHAMPION! @ShockDev @Dave1Z1 @greghenninger @Arclegger @DaybreakGames @f…

@Shyshadow_FR @pentapod @DaybreakGames We're talking about that very thing. :)

With new Prop Palette (Automatic crafting feature) will really need a "Paste w/o props" button D: @pentapod @DaybreakGames @terryjmichaels