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@DaybreakGames sorry for all the Cali fans of the clippers... Hahahahhaaa #GoSpursGo

@xNirdx @DaybreakGames @LandmarkGame @FreeRealms charles hawkboot

@DaybreakGames Is there any chance the throne of the dead elite drops get better? Played it 6 times in a row and received but 98 gear.

It also seems since the transition to @DaybreakGames , EQN and Landmark are shifting focus and not for the better.

Thanks for your support @kidriotgun !! Fun times at SOE LIVE will always be remembered! @DaybreakGames @PS_TRay

@DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames Thank you.

@DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames teehee!! :P

@DaybreakGames plz hurry up and bring #dcuo to #XboxOne I wanna play my favorite game again!!!

@DaybreakGames Please help! Some troll placed a furnace in front of my door and I'm stuck inside my house! [150424-000119] is my ticket num

@DaybreakGames Can you Dm me plz, i need your helps