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@H1Z1game @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames @Arclegger @jimmywhis WTF is this?

@DaybreakGames is it applicable to dcuo?

RT @DaybreakGames: Do you need some extra Station Cash in your wallet? Redeem a $20 Game Card and get 500 Bonus SC! Details here: https://t…

@DaybreakGames Your customer support is a joke. Blamed for cheating, yet no evidence was provided as proof. Takes 9+ days for responses.

@DaybreakGames Yeah, it's the orange landmark card that it shows on the H1 launcher screen. $20

RT @tloch14: Ladies and gentlemen, the @DaybreakGames AV team. #Professional

RT @tloch14: Ladies and gentlemen, the @DaybreakGames AV team. #Professional

@DaybreakGames I just redeemed a $20 one from Gamestop and it didn't add the extra 500. Does it take awhile?

Ladies and gentlemen, the @DaybreakGames AV team. #Professional

@DaybreakGames Awh ok; thanks anyway for the reply