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@DaybreakGames I play DC Universe and I am trying to recover 2 deleted characters. I also forgot my password. My username is "TheCreole"

Was having a bad case of the Mondays until the @DaybreakGames sweet fairy (aka @pentapod) showed up #sugarrush

@DaybreakGames Hey h1z1 broke on me after dying in a battle royal, it just freeze locks and don't load the game anymore

@DaybreakGames @H1Z1game @OPscT is 1 of the best h1z1 BR streams all his games live has 75 wins & got banned by reports by salty kids unban

@DaybreakGames Been waiting on my invite to the EU beta for Planetside 2 for awhile now.

EverQuest Next News From Norrath is out! #EQNext #EverQuestNext 🆕 Stories via @DaybreakGames

@planetside2 @PS2BillYeatts @BBurnessPS2 @RadarX @j_smedley @DaybreakGames Can I get a confirmation that you are aware of this cheat,please?

@DaybreakGames Your "Membership account cancellation confirmation" E-mail still feature your old company name, may want to fix that :)

@DaybreakGames @dragons_prophet I messaged the CM 5 days ago, but haven't gotten a response. Is there anyone else I can ask for the info?

Went back to @H1Z1game this aft. Theyve upped the zombie count loads! Not just a nuisance - proper scary now. Good work @DaybreakGames