Executive Staff

The Sony Online Entertainment executive staff team consists of both gamers and leaders in the Interactive Entertainment Industry, who not only know the industry inside out, but also from outside in.

John Smedley


As President of Sony Online Entertainment LLC, John Smedley oversees the company's overall vision and growth. He has more than a decade of experience in the interactive entertainment industry, including positions with ATG, Knight Technologies and five years with Sony Online Entertainment as Director of Development.

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Russell Shanks

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Russell Shanks oversees SOE's award winning product development studios, which have created many beloved and successful franchises such as EverQuest® (EQ), EverQuest® II (EQII), Free Realms™, DC Universe Online™, Clone Wars Adventures™, Star Wars Galaxies™, Champions of Norrath™ and PlanetSide. In addition, Mr. Shanks also oversees SOE's customer service, platform and technical operations groups.

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Andrew S. Zaffron

Executive Vice President and General Counsel, SOE

Bringing 20 years of experience to his position, Andy Zaffron is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Sony Online Entertainment LLC, responsible for all Legal & Business Affairs. Zaffron has served in executive roles with various Sony companies for more than 15 years. Before joining SOE in 2000, he was Director of Legal & Business Affairs at Sony Computer Entertainment America, responsible for property licensing, litigation management, and providing legal and business affairs support to the PlayStation® sales, finance, operations and customer service groups.

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Rich Lawrence

Chief Technology Officer

Rich Lawrence is the Chief Technology Officer for Sony Online Entertainment LLC, responsible for overseeing the well-being of the programming organization as a whole, its products and efficiently using our technologies to create fun and involving games. Lawrence has been with Sony Online Entertainment since 2001 and has held various positions, including Director of Technology and Studio Director at SOE, where he produced PlanetSide and Champions of Norrath.

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Ken Dopher

Chief Financial Officer, SOE

As Chief Financial Officer, Dopher is responsible for the overall management of Sony Online Entertainment's financial performance. With more than 20 years of experience in accounting and finance, Dopher joined SOE in 2004 as Vice President of Finance and was named CFO in May 2008.

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Louis Figueroa

Vice President of Business Development, SOE

As Vice President of Business Development for Sony Online Entertainment LLC, Louis Figueroa is responsible for the development and execution of SOE's in-game advertising strategy, sourcing, negotiating and implementing domestic and international digital distribution alliances, managing online and offline business opportunities and strategic relationships, analyzing and validating emerging technologies and trends in the online video game market and driving the business model and strategic direction of the company through affiliation, licensing, e-commerce, advertising, promotional, development and distribution agreements.

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Laura Naviaux

Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, SOE

As Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for Sony Online Entertainment LLC, Laura Naviaux is responsible for managing the company's global marketing, sales, public relations and community relations departments, as well as helping to establish the long-term strategic direction for the company's efforts to reach new audiences, identify new business opportunities and support the longevity of the current portfolio by extending the viability of established intellectual properties.

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Dave Dhunjishaw

Executive Director, Business Intelligence

As the Executive Director of Business Intelligence for Sony Online Entertainment LLC, Dhunjishaw is responsible for operational IT teams, setting the overall vision and direction for accounts and commerce systems, IT systems and internationalization operations. For more than ten years at SOE, Dhunjishaw has been involved in the accounts and commerce system launch for EverQuest® and subsequent titles, various infrastructure software development and operations support management positions.

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Louis Corrado

Director of Human Resources

Louis Corrado is head of Human Resources for Sony Online Entertainment LLC, responsible for the design, development and implementation of all SOE's Human Resource policies. Corrado first joined Sony in 1990, and over the years has served many HR positions with Sony Electronics, Sony Corporation of America and Sony Pictures. Previously, Corrado managed IT, Procurement and Facilities services at Sony's digital mapping subsidiary, located in Silicon Valley.

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