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What is a DBG Authenticator?

The DBG Authenticator is a supplemental authentication method for your Station Account giving you the security of Two-Factor Authentication. This additional layer of security is designed to help thwart and prevent unauthorized access to your account. The DBG Authenticator provides you with a unique, one-time authenticator code (PIN) to use in addition to your regular password.

What types of DBG Authenticators will be available to me?

DBG will be introducing two (2) versions. A physical hardware authenticator that can be purchased and shipped directly from DBG and a mobile authenticator that can be used via your Smartphone device. The physical hardware authenticator is unique to your account, can be carried around with you and does not require a Smartphone device.

Who can use the DBG Authenticator?

Any DBG player or customer with a Station Account.

What is Two-Factor authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is an added level of security on your Station Account that requires two different kinds of information from the user in order to authenticate access to their Station Account. When an DBG Authenticator is attached to a Station Account a user would then be required to enter in their Station Password plus the authenticator code (PIN) from their DBG Authenticator.

What is an authenticator code (PIN) and where do I see it?

The authenticator code (PIN) is a digital, six (6) digit, numeric code that is produced when you press the button on the front of your physical DBG Authenticator. Each authenticator code (PIN) is unique and valid only once.

How does the DBG Authenticator work?

You will need to ADD your DBG Authenticator to your Station Account by linking your account with your DBG Authenticator security device. Once the Station Account is linked, the DBG Authenticator will be required to log in to your account. Please note that once your Station Account is linked with an DBG Authenticator you will be required to supply your password plus the authenticator code (PIN) for all Station Account logins.

How do I ADD the DBG Authenticator to my Station Account?

You can ADD your DBG Authenticator by logging into your Station Account and going to My Account. Select Enhanced Security, ADD Authenticator and follow the instructions. When prompted enter the serial number on the back of your DBG Authenticator along with the authenticator code (PIN). Upon successful completion your Station Account will be linked and your DBG Authenticator will be required for all future logins.

Where do I enter the authenticator code (PIN) after successfully ADDING the DBG Authenticator to my Station Account?

During your normal login procedure you will enter your Station password plus your unique, one-time authenticator code (PIN) in the same field. Please note you will be required to enter both your Station password and your unique, one-time authenticator code (PIN) in that order. Each time you log in to your Station Account you will be required to enter your current Station password plus your unique, one-time authenticator code (PIN). Log in using both and rest assured knowing your Station Account is now even more secure from malicious attacks and possible threats.

Where do I get my DBG Authenticator?

The Limited Edition EQ II DBG Authenticator is available exclusively at Fan Faire for all attendees and will be purchasable from DBG's website in the weeks following Fan Faire.

How much is the DBG Authenticator?

The physical version of the DBG Authenticator will cost $9.99 (includes shipping and handling) plus applicable tax.

Will the DBG Authenticator be available to International Customers?

Yes, International customers will be able to purchase the physical version of the DBG Authenticator for $9.99 USD plus additional shipping charges (varies depending on country), and International customers will be able to download the FREE mobile DBG Authenticator for their iPhone device once available.

How long does the physical DBG Authenticator last?

Typical life is 7-10 years based on normal usage.

Can I have multiple DBG Authenticators tied to one Station Account?

Yes, you can elect to attach several DBG Authenticators to your Station Account.

Can I have one (1) DBG Authenticator tied to multiple Station Account?

Yes, you can elect to link one (1) DBG Authenticator to multiple Station Accounts.

When will the mobile DBG Authenticator be available and will DBG support other Smartphone devices?

The mobile DBG Authenticator will be available in the near future. DBG plans to support select Smartphone devices including iPhone and Android powered devices. The mobile DBG Authenticator will provide the same level of protection as the physical DBG Authenticator. DBG will offer this version FREE to all Station Account customers as soon as it is ready!

How much is the mobile DBG Authenticator?

The mobile DBG Authenticator will be available for FREE for your Smartphone device.

What happens if I lose my DBG Authenticator?

If you lose your DBG Authenticator, you will need to contact Customer Support for assistance. Our representatives will be able to assist you with regaining account access by verifying certain security information with you.

Can I turn the extra security of the DBG Authenticator on and off as I wish?

Yes, you can do so by going to My Account and following the instructions to REMOVE your DBG Authenticator from your Station Account.

Will this work for my PLAYSTATION® Network account?

Unfortunately no, not at this time.