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Be in the Know!

Coming Summer 2012 in EverQuest® II, fantasy characters come to life using your facial expressions and altered voice. You frown and growl, so does your avatar. Laugh and your avatar laughs with you!

It's all possible with the phenomenal new feature called SOEmote™ that truly does put your facial expressions on your game avatar in real time! With this technology you can alter your voice so you become a real troll, ogre, ratonga, or whatever you choose.

EverQuest II players will have this revolutionary feature. Other games in the SOE portfolio will soon follow. So get in-game and try out SOEmote for an unequalled immersive experience. Get ready to play the role of a lifetime!

Watch SOEmote in action

How it works:

  • 1 Plug in your webcam and point it toward your face. (Placing it centered on top of your monitor works well!)

    NOTE: Not all webcams are created equal! Some lower-end webcams tend to do terrible things to their throughput in low-light situations causing very bad framerate issues in the SOEmote images. We highly recommend a camera similar to the Logitech C920.
  • 2 If your webcam has a microphone in it, you can use that. Otherwise, you could consider adding a headset or microphone so that you can use the Voice Font elements of SOEmote.
  • 3 After your hardware is plugged in and working, just launch EverQuest II. Everything you need is included in the game.
  • 4 EQII should detect that you activated a webcam and launch the SOEmote interface automatically, but if not, you can launch it from the EQII start menu. (Look for the "SOEmote" option.)
  • 5 Once the interface is up, hit the CALIBRATE button. If you'd like to use a Voice Font, pull down the menu on the SOEmote interface and select an option.

That's it. Start emoting!

Recommended webcams and what you can expect at different levels of quality

Logitech - Full HD webcam C920

  • H.264 on-board compression technology
  • Full HD 1080p video calling on Skype®
  • Full HD 1080p recording
  • Brilliant 15-MP photos
  • Precision Carl Zeiss® optics
  • Industry first 20-step Auto Focus
  • Dual built-in noise cancelling mic
  • Tripod-ready mount
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Logitech - Full HD webcam C525

  • Fluid HD 720p video call and recording
  • Dazzling 8MP photos
  • Ultra-smooth Auto Focus
  • 360-degree full motion rotation
  • Fold-&-Go portability
  • Built-in noise cancelling mic
MSRP of $59.99Buy Now >

Logitech - Full HD webcam C270

  • Fluid HD 720p video call and recording
  • Vibrant 3MP photos
  • Built-in noise cancelling mic
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